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Proud to Sponsor ‘Bake Off for Lift Off’

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Lift Off for Bake Off WAA Haydens

19th – 25th September

A whole week dedicated to cake! So this opportunity came hand in hand for us. This remarkable charity continues to be our designated charity of choice, so when they decided to have ‘Bake Off for Lift Off’ as their Air Ambulance Week, it was the perfect pairing!

Help save lives and eat cake – perfect!  Wiltshire Air Ambulance need to raise £3.2m a year to keep them in the sky. The ‘Bake Off for Lift Off’ campaign encourages all kinds of fundraising. You could have a bake off with friends, family or colleagues, hold a bake sale, decorate cakes blindfolded, have a messy custard pie fight, host a cake or pudding party, have a competition for the tallest cake, sit in a bathtub of trifle, or for the extreme cake fanatics out there: have a cake eating competition. There are hundreds and thousands of ideas!

The campaign spans the breath of Wiltshire and the promotional push has already kicked off across radio, press and social media.

You should all shortly see the Haydens banners going up outside to help raise the awareness of the campaign on the trading estate.

We are very proud to support this event and we look forward to sharing further updates.


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