Pastry device A distinctively devilish bakery

All about us

Wickedly talented bakers

We love creating sinfully scrumptious treats, the kind that melt in your mouth to create blissful moments of pure self-indulgent pleasure with friends, family or just yourself for company.

With almost 40 years’ experience, our hugely skilled and talented team are able to combine a complex range of different processes. They can mix, laminate, bake, fry, whip, shape, decorate and dust whatever it is that you and your customers most desire – tempting treats that render resistance futile!

Over 550 dedicated professionals work 24/7 to create more than 70 different products each and every day for the leading retailers and the foodservice market.

What we stand for

The recipe for success – our vision

These are the nine secret ingredients that make our business as irresistibly moreish as our range of delectably delicious, sticky and sweetly satisfying goodies. Click on the images to get the full flavour.

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Inspiring secret ingredient
xInspiring secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
InspiringWe whisk you away to fantastical places, and sweet memories
Confident secret ingredient
xConfident secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
ConfidentJust a little taste of one of our scrumptious tarts will tell you that we are the absolute best at what we do
Creative secret ingredient
xCreative secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
CreativeLike eggs, the rules of bakery are made to be broken. We reimagine and reinvent classics with ingenuity and adventure
Trusted secret ingredient
xTrusted secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
TrustedLong days and delicious results have helped us forge longstanding relationships with first class customers since 1976
Pleasure secret ingredient
xPleasure secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
PleasureForget the guilt, our cheeky treats are all about losing yourself in those hard-earned ‘me’ moments
Hassle-free secret ingredient
xHassle-free secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
Hassle-FreeEvery part of our business is about enjoyment, delivering you home-baked tastiness without the washing up
Expert secret ingredient
xExpert secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
ExpertWe take a gourmet approach to mass production, finishing every one of our products with a refined flourish
Distinctive secret ingredient
xDistinctive secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
DistinctiveHaydens stand out because everything we bake is iced, dusted, glazed and filled with delightfulness
Devilish secret ingredient
xDevilish secret ingredient
Secret ingredients disc
DevilishAs far as we’re concerned, there is nothing wrong with a little indulgence. Let’s be honest, we all know that it’s more fun to be naughty
An apron is just a cape on backwards

Our journey

Delivering naughtiness since 1976

We started out as a family bakery and although the business now supplies some of the UK’s most respected food retailers and coffee shops we’ve never lost that original ethos – one nibble and you know the delectably flaky pastry, sweet fillings, and sticky toppings have been created with dedication, precision and pride.

Swirl device Have your cake and eat it

Part of the family

A family that loves its food

We’re part of Bakkavor Group plc which gives us the backing of a major international food business.

This means we enjoy the benefits of direct and privileged access to resources, expertise and ingredients from a leading provider of fresh prepared food.

It also gives us the financial strength to pursue our ambitious plans for significantly improving and expanding the business to the point where we are recognised by our customers as the supplier of choice in those areas where we specialise.